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Deep Madder Monthly Anthology 2008

To hoard all the issues of 2008 without undergoing the pesky process of having to read each issue upon its release throughout that year (not to mention raze entire forests and ecosystems in the process [this is a joke]), you may now order in a convenient, charming, and hand-assembled bundle the first anthology of Deep Madder Monthly. These bizarre trivia below will somehow accentuate the value of this deal.

Words: 32 246
Pages: 23
Instances of "F word": 38
Percent of said instances uttered by editors in quotations section: 42
Approximate cost of production materials for each subscription: $13

Lanterns - I Could Have Been the One Listening

Songs about the relationship between the recorded musician and listener, and "art" as an attempt to be loved and get closer to people but it (or speech) can't quite reach across the gap (or differences) between speaker and listener, despite the fact that we are all essentially the same person, or at least we were born the same and are now disguised by how our particular experience has changed us. Thus, perhaps listening to (or making) recorded music and other solitary entertainment like watching television are a product (and perpetuater) of loneliness.

This is the 3rd Lanterns full-length, released in May 2008.

Track Listing:

1. Stuff
2. Under Your Cover
3. Sidewalk
4. I Could Have Been You Now (Judging)
5. Indoor Voices
6. Say Something
7. Don't Do Whatever You Want (Preaching)
8. Lose My Self
9. All Of You
10. There's Only Change Between Us
11. No My Space (Lose Your Home)
12. See Me Off
13. Take Away My Microphone

Cost: $8 (or P.W.Y.C.), for a C.D. in needlessly-difficult-to-make packaging

Lanterns - Sing In Vain

In Vain is the inaugural Deep Madder release (but 3rd release from Lanterns). It is ten songs that are mostly about trying to get closer to you through song but failing and how difficult communication is. It was released in early 2007 and has been the most widely distributed Lanterns release thus far. You may remember it from such strategically placed locations as the streets of Toronto or the university hot spots in North Bay. Own a piece of history.

Track Listing:

1. No Cover
2. Cover
3. Ivy Climbs
4. Where I'm Going?
5. Come With Me
6. All My Songs
7. Leaves
8. Home
9. Just Living
10. Sailing

Cost: $8 (or P.W.Y.C.), for a compact disc housed in simple hand-made packaging

Get Sung / Macabre Macaw

This is a split compact disc from 2006 of ten songs each by Lanterns and Conconquidore Truidore. Presented by Reel Cod Records. It is a funny mix of songs. We have a million of these to sell. It has to cost ten dollars because we have to pay for it as it was made by a professional factory of compact disc makers and cost a lot of money. The covers were made by one Linton Murphy, if you are curious.

Obligatory (joke) quotation:
"Sounds good."
-Phil Elverum, on listening to it

Lanterns - Get Poor (Or Die Trying)

Released in the prolific year of 2006, Get Poor is the second full-length release by Lanterns. The songs are about being pathetic and the importance of being good, ascetic, humble, forthcoming, and as emotionally-naked and vulnerable as possible. This C.D. has not been distributed in years, but for you we'll make an exception.

Track Listing:

1. Song
2. Lanterns
3. I'll Be Small 1
4. There's So Much, Just Living
5. Light House Blues
6. There's So Much
7. I'll Be Small 2
8. Get Poor
9. Goodness Knows
10. Time For Sleep
11. I'll Be Small 3
12. There's So Much, Just Living (instrumental)
13. This Is Just Music

Cost: $8 (or P.W.Y.C.), for a compact disc housed in hand-crafted packaging

Lanterns - Moon Sung

[picture and track listing coming soon]

This is the first Lanterns album, released in March 2006 (and largely neglected soon thereafter). Some of the songs appear on the later split C.D. with Conconquidore Truidore. The album is about being alone, dependent, and weak.

Track Listing:

1. I know you're there (introduction with rain)
2. To find you love
3. Night has come
4. River
5. Moon tide
6. Every day
7. Pigs (interlude)
8. Tell me
9. Holy night
10. These songs
11. Say it
12. Dawn
13. Dawn 2

Cost: $8 (or P.W.Y.C.), for a C.D. in packaging that I don't remember, since it's been nearly 3 years.


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