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Here's the thing: the point of making the zine a mere one page was so that we'll always get it done. thus, we have no excuse. so at the end of the month we always need to finish one, no matter how shitty it is. what do you think? this is what i think.

Would you (anyone who reads this other than the two writers [i.e. no one]) please contribute to the second issue of

Deep Madder Monthly ?

then do tell
(it is in production as we speak)

If you wanna travel around
do it in your frown
crawl through all your bones
'cause there's no eternal spring
and the new blossoms will die
like a first or faithless love
don't go off with that prince
and forsake your good husband
your babies will grow old
and there's no greener grass
for you to find at last
there's no grand reward

-Thanksgiving, from "Stay in Spring Field"