The Power of Loneliness

I spent most of today alone, sitting at my desk in my apartment, and my ensuing activities have once again reminded me how motivating loneliness is.* I dealt with my loneliness by:
1. E-mailed five people to whom I rarely speak, three of with whom I very rarely (if ever) interact (including my first e-mail ever to my brother), thus comprising a spontaneous “social bridge” gesture which would not have otherwise been accomplished.
2. Worked on my Annex Journal Distinction writings for the first time in weeks.
3. Made this blog post (the first in three months).
4. Doing all the previous three activities whilst listening to sad, introspective Thanksgiving songs, and occasionally even analysing and writing down the lyrics.
*As readers of Deep Madder Monthly will know, my solitude tolerance is extraordinarily low, to the extent that, despite being happily partnered (not to mention having woken up with said partner this very morning), a day and night spent alone will dependably send me into a Deep Madderian fit of melancholy.