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The Christening of D.M.

I just discovered the instant messaging transmission between myself and Christopher from 16 January 2007 in which the name Deep Madder was decided on (in which “Valley Man” is my inexplicable I.M. pseudonym [Remember: We were only 22 years old]).
Valley Man says: (1:55:38 PM)
hey i was using some pastels last night, and i noticed one colour called Deep Madder / and that was one of the best sounding names ever. / so i wanna make a band called that, or a record label or something
Chris says: (1:56:01 PM)
ha, yeah, seriously. it reminds me of alice through the looking glass or whatever / maybe we should name our record label that
Valley Man says: (1:56:21 PM)
i agree / plus, it sounds like Deep Matter, but with a twist of 'madness'. not to mention it makes me think of 'murder'. ha, maybe it's too dark / plus, the pastel colour was red
[. . .]
Chris says: (1:57:54 PM)
yeah, i think we should name our label that
Valley Man says: (1:58:01 PM)
yeah me too. great / plus, i wanted our label name to be three syllables, so it's great.
Chris says: (1:58:35 PM)
yeah, I really like that name actually. it's perfect.

Early Hints of the D.M. Anthology Aesthetic

“holy shite, imagine finishing a short story/tiny novel? hopefully i'll at least do a few of those someday, if not write novels. fuck, that would be amazing.[ ]not to mention publishing!! i'd make a black cover, and print it all on brown recycled paper, and the cover would be plainer than hell itself[. ]with no fancy photos or any shit like that which is so popular these days[. ]plus, i'd have no copyright symbol inside. i can't wait”
-A. Arvelo McQuaig, sent in an instant messaging conversation with C. Hubbarde on 4 September 2006 at 3:13 a.m.