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P. Elverum

"Licensing your music out to companies for TV ads: good or bad?
In most cases bad. But what if it was a TV ad for something I really felt ethically obliged to help promote? Like a tall frosty Heineken?"

How do you feel about this?

(submitted for scrutiny by one P. Clark)

I find interesting the ubiquitous assumption that single people (namely boys) who do weird shit like buy inanimate girlfriends are "people who are so scared to get hurt that they subconsciously choose relationships in which they won't be." That is, this article implies that people who are single have chosen to be so, as though it is always a matter of volition, and anyone who is single is simply eschewing the "endless string" of partners waiting just outside the door.

Maybe it's not the case that "some dudes would rather have an expensive doll than try to have a relationship with a person" so much as they can't have a relationship with a person because no one likes them.

Am I wrong?

"How to Ask a Woman Out on a Date"

Someone posted this article on Digg, and I couldn't help but check what sagacious advice it was sure to have. Let's take a look:

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:

  • Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Determination
  • Guts

And that's roughly where I realized there was no point in reading any further.

Deep Madder (Soon to be) Monthly

Who needs no zines? I know I don't. However, when it comes to zines, I need 'em!

That's why we at Deep Madder Publishing Corporation are proud to announce that in the month of June no less than FOUR issues of Deep Madder Monthly will (presumably) be released!

-interviews of local celebrities such as us, Matthew Flook, and hitherto unknown others.
-meandering jokes
-peremptory pontification

(Request a subscription by commenting [though try to space out said requests so as to prevent a server overload])