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Deep Madder Radio, episode 4

We have recorded a new episode of Deep Madder Radio. It can be found at this page, or downloaded directly from this link.
We also worked hard over the past weekend to try and get caught up with Deep Madder Monthly, and the June and July issues should be done shortly.
You can keep track of our important Deep Madder updates (such as those listed above) by subscribing to our new twitter account. We're working to integrate the twitter feed into this blog, but it's turning out to be more difficult than anticipated.

Deep Madder Masculinity

“There’s lots of advice for women about how to get over shyness, but shyness can be much harder for men to deal with because it’s seen as a feminine trait. [. . .] The problem is that, according to all social rules, men are supposed to approach women, so love-shy heterosexual men fare badly.”
-Gillian Butler, from this article.*
I think this is why Deep Madderian writing often seems like (putatively) masculine articulations of (putatively) feminine sentiments: Deep Madder could almost be summarised as, "Two men struggling with feelings and inhabiting roles that are more common for women."
*Shown to me by P Clark