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Idea: It seems that people like us, the weird sensitive 'alternative' people or whatever you want to call it who happen to be white and "middle class," relate to minorities like Jewish, black, and homosexual people more than our own racial/economic class identity because we live as a minority group ourselves. Maybe it's why we love the Woody Allens and Larry Davids of the world so much, and David Chappelle, etc. And yes, we are clearly not such a disadvantaged group as the aforementioned, but I think that to some extent we do feel a sort of kinship with minority figures in pop culture because our "alternative" or "fringe" interests and mindsets are so insanely uncommon, esoteric, and completely disregarded, if not ridiculed, by pop culture. Thus, we relate to sentiments of ostracism and misanthropy.


The first issue of 

Deep Madder Monthly

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What is this, you ask? it's an entire zine on one page (tiny but endearing font size) of weird and illuminating articles on the topic of life written by Christopher Hubbarde and Alexander Arvelo McQuaig.
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Good advice for Valentine's Day

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Growing Up

before you know it your life will become mundane
abandoning appreciation of itself in a magic way
the way you used to look at things
before you’d seen them all before
the way you weren’t then so proud
and how you didn’t talk so loud
but your lungs have become stone walls
around the gasps you take before
your heart sings in the blue of
the new moment that’s coming for you


Not in the least bit glib...

"It's important to acknowledge your real feelings, so give yourself permission to wallow a little bit if you're feeling extra sad or lonely. The key words here are 'a little bit.' Don't allow yourself to dwell or obsess. Confine your wallowing to a certain time period -- say, 15 minutes of self-pity and that's it."
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