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Deep Madder Monthly Floodgates Opening Imminently

Beware! A new year brings a newfound urgency to the purpose of the editors of Deep Madder Monthly. Consequently, we will soon be releasing not one but TWO issues (November and December) synchronously, thus completing the year's work that will comprise the year-end anthology of all issues therein. In order to ensure your acquisition of all this, as well as future issues of the zine, you may purchase one of the following packages:

$5 (plus applicable happiness tax) for a subscription consisting of twelve (12) issues and the year-end anthology.
$2 (plus requisite happiness tax) for merely the year-end anthology.

To calculate your happiness tax, simply rate your happiness from one to five (1-5) and then add that number of dollars to the price. To make your order, contact the editors through e-mail ( or whatever way you want.

Note: By the way, pardon the vulgar, financial talk, but if you are one of those people (you know who you are) who are apprehensive and suspicious of our ostensive avaricious and capitalistic motivations in charging such prices for these offers, allow us to mention that we will not only make no profit from said pricing, but will be losing money from each purchase. Each subscription, we have calculated, costs us no less than $12. Thus, even if you're the happiest person in the world, you will only be paying $10, though most readers will probably pay $7 or $8. If we (eventually) have a mere ten subscribers, for instance, all yielding $7, we are still subsidising $60 a year.

Further Note: If you are unable or unwilling to afford such prices, you may receive any offer gratis. If you are, conversely, unable to, try as you might, fathom even a modicum of the appeal of this zine, you should not feel guilty for this fact as it is beyond your control.

I never realised Charlie Brown is so great.

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"I think I wouldn't be surprised if someone said, '"2008"? It's 2009, Joel.'"
-Joel W. Nash, on the rut of his life, 6 December 2008 4:45 p.m.

Foolproof method

I was thinking today, and I decided that the litmus test to determine the quality of a "punk" scene (i.e., my potential of fitting in) is to observe their views on GG Allin. If he's even remotely revered, it's a lost cause.