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poetry vs. songs

Idea: cryptically deep puzzling lyrics, meant to be studied and dived into and shit, are more appropriate for poems than songs. with poetry, you CAN study the words because you can SEE them, but with a song it should be more direct so that they can be appreciated whilst hearing them.
Plus, the more complicated and cryptic the lyric is, the more simple the song should be, so that it functions more like a poem and less as music. i.e. it should be sung in really simple repetitive melodies (like Thanskgiving). and the more musically-complicated and thus lyrically-hard-to- follow, the more easy the lyric should be to understand.

Gratefulness When Everyone Owes Everyone Anyway

I was thinking about how I value living one's life in a way that exudes a sense of general gratitude and indebtedness to all fellow humans, but this seems to conflict with my other belief that we all owe each other everything anyway.
Like the shirt that Mount Eerie references in No Flashlight that says "I like thanksgiving because everything is my mother."
But if we all deserve all the help that anyone can give us and it is all of our responsibility to help each other out, then being so grateful all the time doesn't really make sense. or does it?
post comments please.

"Foucaultian inspired post structuralist analysis of hegemonic masculinity."
-the topic that Joel W. Nash asked Pamela if she knew much about, to which she replied in the affirmative (she apparently had incidentally written a paper on the topic herself), 21 November 2007 1:44am

"I know enough to be scared when someone uses that word."
-Joel W. Nash, responding to Pamela asking, 'Does he know much about Foucault?', 21 November 2007 1:46am

"My computer's so fuckin slow it's like someone poured molasses on it. Ugh, what the fuck is this shit? Ctrl, Alt, Delete are the most worn out keys on this computer."
-Joel Nash, 17 November 2007 3:47pm

It have come to the sad realization that I somehow view using internet symbols as a legitimate method of flirting, and that, sadly, this is the most flirting I've probably ever done.

"As aimlessly as I do my work
And nurse the babes, my little days."
-Thanksgiving, "I Forgot Your Name Again (Sorry)"

"They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, I think the fewer words the better."

-Zicheng "Currently in China" Xu, describing the view from his apartment on the campus of the university where he is teaching, in a letter to the Arvelo McQuaig / Nash residence, received 20 November 2007

"A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. It don't make any difference who the guy is, so long as he's with you. I tell ya, I tell ya, a guy gets too lonely, and he gets sick."

Trans Elderrs

Join us (me) on the evening of the eighth of November at the Cameron House to see three musical entities show their work:

-"The Trans Elders," flown in directly from the cold streets of Pickering and Whitby, featuring one Nicholas "Also Performs in Lanterns & Conconquidore Truidore" Kerr, doing their first show ever
-The Great Bloomers
-Jordaan Mason

"I'm well versed in the area of unrequited love."
-Christopher N. Hubbarde, in an e-mail to Alexander Arvelo McQuaig
2 November 2007 6:52 pm