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"You make my heart smile with your humour! You naturally include everyone and make them feel important!"
- Anonymous section 6 classmate, from an activity whereby you had to write something positive about each person in the class and place it in their labelled cup at the back of the room

That is by far the nicest thing that someone has ever said/written about me. When I first read it, I felt like crying. I really wish I knew who wrote it.

On handwritten vs typed text

I was thinking about perfect-looking text, like the stuff you're reading now that's been typed by a computer instead of written by my hand:

'Back in the day', before we could just reproduce letters and write shit out so that it looks perfect and all the letters were identical, this sort of effect had to be attempted by hand. when achieved, it exuded an aesthetic of extreme labour and care; it proved that TONNES of work went into rendering each letter, and thus there was a sort of air of dignity and a special beauty to it.
now, however, such fancy perfect-looking lettering is EVERYWHERE, since it's easier than life to reproduce letters. therefore, it's lost this air of specialness and dignity, and it's become way more common in our visual landscape than hand-written text.
thus, it feels, at least to me, as if now hand-written text, despite how sloppy or quick it looks, is the sort of text that gives an air of effort and care, not to mention intimacy, and computerised text is the lazy choice. so yeah, i was just thinking about this weird shift.

I was perusing the internet today instead of working on the mounds of assignments I have, and I came across some sort of horoscope-related thing, explaining the type of lover an individual was based on their astrological sign.

Out of sheer curiosity, I scrolled down to Libra (my own birth sign). While other signs had titles such as "The Beauty" and "The Promiscuous One," to my mild surprise, Libra was labelled "The Lame One".

So I guess it's not my fault that I'm so pathetic. It was predestined by the alignments of the planets and the stars and such.

"I feel like one of the hugest things that music ever did for me was make me feel that there's someone else who is feeling the way I am feeling -- disconnected [from] humans as a whole. And I just think it's an amazing way to learn about interactions and real life -- that the things that you feel, other people feel them too. People are the same in a lot of ways. I justr try to write about what I know and hopefully people will identify."
-Adrian Orange, in an interview:

"Evidently somebody poured molasses into my computer yet again; fuckin' shit's literally the slowest thing I've ever seen."
-Joel W. Nash, 2 December 2007 1:51am