Lanterns - Get Poor (Or Die Trying)


Released in the prolific year of 2006, Get Poor is the second full-length release by Lanterns. The songs are about being pathetic and the importance of being good, ascetic, humble, forthcoming, and as emotionally-naked and vulnerable as possible. This C.D. has not been distributed in years, but for you we'll make an exception.

Track Listing:

1. Song
2. Lanterns
3. I'll Be Small 1
4. There's So Much, Just Living
5. Light House Blues
6. There's So Much
7. I'll Be Small 2
8. Get Poor
9. Goodness Knows
10. Time For Sleep
11. I'll Be Small 3
12. There's So Much, Just Living (instrumental)
13. This Is Just Music

Cost: $8 (or P.W.Y.C.), for a compact disc housed in hand-crafted packaging