Deep Madder Symposium No. 1


We hope that you will join us in the Annex next Wednesday, 26 January 2011, for the inaugural Deep Madder function.
After years of fruitless prospective alacrity, our recent explosion in productivity has incited a newfound sense of urgency in us as to Deep Madderian pursuits. Your beloved editors, both Mr Arvelo McQuaig and Mr Hubbarde, will read aloud from recent issues, complete with fresh content, after which you may ask questions, offer comments, and lob criticisms. Consonant with our love of vulnerability, we will welcome any (thoughtful) inquiry or attack, no matter how personal or caustic.
We will also play thematically germane games such as “Who’s the Nerd,” “Paying My Late Subscription Fees,” “Reader Feedback, Three Years Too Late,” and “Answer the Quiz You Were Supposed to Answer More Than a Year Ago.”
Deep Madder