Dearest Readers,
Despite a conspicuous drought of queries* or complaints as to our enterprise’s (lack of) output,we think it incumbent on us to mention that we are now on the brink of a long, long-overdue Deep Madder (second) renaissance. Like every year, summer seems to have taken its gruesome toll on your humble editors’ productivity, although this year, evidently, our indolent slumber began in the late-winter/spring, and has lasted until early autumn. Which is where we now stand, embarrassingly, still empty-handed in regard to any new issues post-January, for the entire year. The fact that this shameful delay of Deep Madder Monthly has been equalled (if not surpassed) by a similarly sclerotic radio faculty (having released a paltry 1 episode for the year thus far) is inexcusable, and we are sorry.
However, there is good news to share. Two factors that have historically limited our productivity – the geographic chasm between our respective living situations, as well as our academic duties – are suddenly coming to an end. Mr C. Hubbarde has just this month finally moved to Toronto, to a home not only in the same city as Mr A. Arvelo McQuaig, but on the same street, only a few houses away. Thus, Deep Madder’s diminutive editorial staff is now geographically united, enabling far more frequent meetings and “productivity nights.” Further, Arvelo McQuaig has now completed his nearly decade-long pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts, and Hubbarde’s Master of Arts should be complete in but a few months. The imminent elimination of these two obstacles, then, will hopefully lubricate our work.
Emerging from this prolonged hibernation, we are now preparing for a gargantuan workload for the following two months in an attempt (attempt) to finish eight issues before our attendance of Canzine, on 24 October. The prospect of attending this event with a paltry number of issues to show for the year will undoubtedly expedite the pace of our work so that we at least have several new issues done by said date.
*Except for an increasingly bizarre number of requests for more Deep Madder Radio episodes, of late