"I recently got one of those blatant spam e-mails saying, 'I've been trying to call you and I miss you,' but I opened it anyways because I would rather destroy my computer than miss out on the slim chance that it was actually you."

-One of many notes to lost love in this episode of WireTap, as (I think) sent to CBC by listeners and read out by CBC Radio employees

"I Google you every day. Sometimes I want to see you so badly that I stay up for hours trying to find you. On those days, I'll type your name and my name right after it because it's nice to see us next to each other like that."

"Every time I drove you home I prayed for traffic."

"I keep trying to get my hair back to exactly the way it was when you loved me."

These quotations are alarmingly germane to Deep Madder. They make my eyes slightly watery and my chest feel a little weird.