Obama Inauguration Depression


Am I completely alone in this, as usual? Does no one else have a problem with Beyonce's (not to mention other detestable pop stars) performing at the Obama inauguration thing? Everyone I've suggested displeasure about this with has seemed utterly clueless as to why anyone would have a distaste for Beyonce and her inclusion in said "historic" event. I suppose the fact that she's black makes the sight of Barack and Michelle dancing to Beyonce's singing such a touching spectacle (in that it is meant to symbolise the end of racism or some shit), and this has blinded people to the fact that she's more than just a symbol of racial harmony.

When I first saw that it made my stomach hurt. I, too, had succumbed to the ubiquitous glorification of Obama and the miraculous nature of his presidency. I was unable to resist the belief that now everything's different with him - according to the stereotypes, a city-loving, urbane, sophisticated person - in power. But yeah, seeing that threw my delusions out the window.

What if Britney Spears or Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera had been the ones taking centre stage at that shit? If that would make you uncomfortable, then is being black Beyonce's redeeming quality?

I don't know what I would've preferred to Beyonce, but not a fucking super pop star aimed at teenagers that shakes her booty on every screen and advertisement in the world. Couldn't they have found a more mature, dignified singer for such a symbolically epic dance? I don't know, their dancing to Beyonce just seems to make this vibe like "this is the best this country has to offer: pop music for stupid kids as seen on television." It's like more of the same target-everything-to-youth-because-then-it-will-seem-hip-and-everyone-will-like-it bullshit. It's like they went to the nearest MTV outlet or something to look for musical talent for this show. Ugh. I guess I expected too much.