I am going to have pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. I called Christopher but he wasn't home. I have installed my little aloe plant in an equally little pot on my window sill and it looks fetching if I do say so myself. I have to read a tonne of stuff to be ready for my examinations on Wednesday and Thursday and it will be very difficult. I wait for posts and comments on these two blogs when I'm lonely. I want to make songs about fundamental human feelings lately. Like, wanting to be loved and being selfish and insecure; (attempts to be) honest accounts of facets of my/our personality. and songs that are simple mere quotidian communication between two people like this weird relatively recent one by adrian orange. i've been writing about the self, about one's conception of the separation of themselves and others, and how you need others and how you need people's love and attention and that's why you do a lot of things that you do, etc.

"Come on and sit by me ...
and I won't criticise you, no I won't, ... no, I sympathise
and i won't conflict with you, ... no, I will be true
And I hope you like me but I know you will
Because we've shared a lot and we share it still.
I love you like you love me
I love and trust you like you trust me"