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With the coming of summer we would like to announce a coming zine that will be called Deep Madder Quarterly. We are unsure as to whether it will in fact be released with the coming of each quarter year but let us hope, no? Granted, if we fail to do so, we will be sending, doubtless, a small nation of fans into despair at the end of each season, as they have eagerly awaited the next issue of their beloved zine in vain, but, alas, that is how we will roll, it looks like. All the same, here are some of the periodical's excitingly tentative features:
-An introduction, in which we will attempt to justify our actions
-An history, in which we will provide the reader with a condensed history of Deep Madder
-"Alexander's Top Ten Things To Not Do," in which the former will instruct the ignorant reader as to what s/he ought not to do for the sake of us all
-"I Got Dem Blues, with Christopher 'Memphis Maudlin' Hubbarde," in which the latter will address and review a selection of notable contemporary blues records
-Interviews with such celebrities as Robert A. Cole, Nicholas A. Kerr, and Kyle J. McQueston.
-Sundry prolix lists of bad jokes that somehow are good and funny too

Subscriptions are now available with request. Please do, and we will be waiting for your call, as always: